What do I mean by creative direction? For every project the journey is different, developed in response to a particular idea, set of performers, location and audience. From an initial discussion about a project’s aims and needs, creative solutions are developed around thematic programming, presentation and promotion. See examples for orchestras, chamber groups and theatre that feature alternative approaches to staging, lighting design, projection, movement and cross-arts innovation.



Creative performances and communication go hand in hand, crucial in setting the tone, building brand reputation and attracting an audience in the first place. Creating distinctive and compelling imagery, print and digital materials helps to differentiate your organisation from competitors and ensure classical music feels relevant to modern audiences.



From trailers designed to intrigue, to stand-alone films providing a new perspective on music, video can help to communicate all that classical music has to offer today. See examples of promotional materials, content projected as part of performances, orchestral shoots and videos to aid interpretation.



There are so many stories to tease out and share about classical music, aiding in its interpretation. Writing which is contemporary, jargon-free and explores music’s relevance to the world today forms the basis of my programme notes and marketing copy.